Who is Saucybookworm13

Well, I am a saucy bookworm, that’s who I am!

I am also a Museum Educator, mom to three, Living Historian, amateur seamstress, lover of books (obviously), baker, and dedicated fan of BBC and PBS. I am passionate about education, universal accessibility, history, books, and anything that catches my interest. The world is an AMAZING place!

I currently work at a historic site and we discuss the Boone family every day, so I thought I should probably learn more about them. However, my goal as an Educator is to make him relevant, so why not bring him into the here-and-now?

I have many interests, but my current passion is transcribing a bunch of old letters to further my knowledge of the family of Daniel Boone and his family. The Draper Manuscripts are the stuff of history lore, and surprisingly very little of it has been published or put up for public consumption. While I cannot share the originals, I can share my transcriptions. Reading through them has brought some interesting information to light.

I hope you will enjoy this blog; it’s my first and I do not have an audience in mind. I simply write to better explain myself to my colleagues and friends. I love working with historic documents, photographs, and clothing. All this ephemera says so much about the people who led us to where we are now.


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A journey into the Draper Manuscripts and what it reveals.

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